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May Fresh Auction-May 6th to May 20th, 2014

Lot:   3418593

Sixteen Porcelain Table Articles, English, 19th/20th C., FR3SH 
Some commemorating King Edward VII and George VI, comprising, two plates, a bowl, a pitcher, a teapot, a throne, and ten cups.

Price Realized: $99

Price Realized: $25

Price Realized: $275

Lot:   3418597

Eight Cameras and Camcorders, 20th C., FR3SH 
Including, Nikkormat, Sony Digital Mavica, Canon, Yashica atoron ultra miniature camera. Together with a group of camera accessories, including lens, cases, and film.

Price Realized: $151

Price Realized: $55

Lot:   3418599

Coach Red Leather Tote Bag, 20th C., FR3SH 
No. E063--F10195. Together with a Coach wristlet.

Price Realized: $105

Lot:   3418602

Group of McDonald's Collectable Tumbler Glasses, 20thC., FR3SH 
Comprising four "The Great Muppet Caper" and four McDonald's Hawaii. Together with a Vintage Yankee Bobblehead doll and a Miss Piggy ceramic jewelry box.

Price Realized: $25

Lot:   3418606

Golf Clubs, 20th C., FR3SH 
Including Spalding, Victor and Elite. Together with a golf bag.

Price Realized: $25

Lot:   3418610

Bust of J.F.K. by Robert Berks (1922-2011, FR3SH 
Plaster cast with green copper patina.

Price Realized: $45

Lot:   3418611

New York Rangers 1995 Plaque, 20thC., FR3SH 
Together with three hockey players cards comprising Mark Messier, Phil Esposito and Brian Leetch.

Estimate: $50 - $100

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Price Realized: $85

Lot:   3418613

Federal Style Mahogany Wall Mirror, 20thC., FR3SH 
Together with a decorative mirrored wall hanging.

Estimate: $50 - $100

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Lot:   3418615

Group of Silver Plated Table Items, 20th C., FR3SH 
Including a Victorian butter ball, bowls and trays.

Price Realized: $25

Lot:   3418616

Silver Plated Partial Tea Service, 20th C., FR3SH 
Comprising a covered sugar bowl, milk jug and waste bowl.

Price Realized: $25

Lot:   3418620

Seven Porcelain Serving Plates, 20th C., FR3SH 
Five Italian style and two floral decorated.

Price Realized: $25

Lot:   3418621

Four Vintage Board Games, 20th C., FR3SH 
Comprising, Strombecker Bill Ding with Clowns, Junior Tic-Tac Dough, Jeopardy, and Mandrake the Magician Magic Kit.

Price Realized: $25

Lot:   3418622

Carved Wood Plaque of Mona Lisa, By S. Juliano, 20th C., FR3SH 
Together with a calendar page print by Stuart, 1937, an Egyptian print on fabric, and a painted and carved plaque of two girls. 4 pieces

Price Realized: $25