• Watercolor, Jack Butler Yeats

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th

  • Cast Bronze, Henry Moore, Maquette for Reclining Figure

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th

  • Cast Bronze, Henry Moore, Maquette for Stringed Figure

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th

  • Oil on Canvas, by E. Detaille

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th

  • The Barge, by Alfred Manessier

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th

  • Bronze, Coming Thru the Rye, after Frederic Remington

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th

  • Yu Yu Yang (Yang Ying-Feng) SUN GLORY MOON CHARM

    June Collectors' Passion Auction
    June 27th and 28th


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The Collectors' Passion and Main Gallery Auction is now open for bidding! This auction will be open for bidding now through June 28th. Bid online or come bid in person on June 28th at our gallery located at 20 Beach Street in Bloomfield, NJ starting at 10AM. This auction will be broken into two sections. First being the Collectors' Passion then followed by our Main Gallery Auction. To place bids online please follow one of the two links below.

To bid with Liveauctioneers CLICK HERE

To bid with Invaluable CLICK HERE

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Our appraisals are completed with care and diligence and in accordance with the highest industry standards. We also provide walk-throughs for a fee that will give customers verbal appraisals of items in their collections.

We also have free appraisal Mondays 10AM -2PM (up to 3 items per person) at Nye and Company located at 20 Beach St. Bloomfield, NJ

Buying & Selling

Monthly auctions are well attended by antique dealers, collectors, decorators and homeowners.  Extensive advertising and our online presence attracts additional bidders by phone and email. Every object offered for sale is photographed and listed in our full-color online catalog.

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John Nye is an expert appraiser that regularly appears on PBS's series, Antiques Roadshow.Check your local listing for show times. Also, follow this link to see John's past appraisals on the show! Click here.

Nye & Company’s shipping department takes pride in providing our bidders with specialized packing and shipping services each time they bid with us. At the close of every auction, we are here to help our valued bidders arrange, pack, and ship items they have won – all over the world. If we can't ship it, we have an excellent list of third party couriers who can. With our expert knowledge in worldwide transportation logistics and a team of highly experienced and diligent packers, our shipping department has been successful in extremely low damage rates and continues to receive positive feedback:

November 2015 - Christchurch, New Zealand


That was fast work! I'm pleased to let you know that the parcel with framed photograph was delivered early this morning. I'm very pleased with it and can also say that Nye & Company have been a pleasure to deal with.

Best regards



January 2015 - Santa Barbara, California

Got the package. Great job. It's the only time I can recall when anyone included a packing list! ... Thanks for the good job!



October 2014 - New York, NY

Thank you very much. Thrilled with the items and thanks for the great service. Attentive to emails and well packaged and shipped.

Best, Arthur


We are an eco-friendly company, recycling packing materials and using biodegradable cushioning. We use trusted FedEx transportation services, domestically and internationally.

To find out more information about our shipping services, please email: